Losing our job is not the worst thing that will happen to many of us but at the time of being told that we will no longer be getting a paycheck it most certainly does feel like a pretty awful thing.

So what do we do to get through a job loss?

How do we cope with the pain, frustration and depression that can come with being unemployed?

As Christians we are people of Faith who try our best to put our hope and trust in God. We have hope that God will provide for our needs. We trust that He will provide. But even those of us who might seem to have a strong faith and trust are put to the test during a period of unemployment.

This is why Encouragement is so important.

We need to do everything we can to keep our spirits up. We need to avoid negative thoughts and environments at all costs or risk being pulled down and unable to keep going to find a job again.

How do we find Encouragement in the middle of our storm?

  • First we should pray
This can be hard, but we should at least look to God throughout the day for strength. Start first thing in the morning by offering praise for who He is, Thankfulness for His blessings in your life and prayer for strength for the day. It’s also important to pray for other people. Even just a short prayer lifting others up to God can lift our spirits while taking the focus off of our own troubles.
  • Get involved
One of the worst things we can do when we are unemployed is keep to ourselves all day long. While it’s true that we need to spend some time in front of our computer in our job search, it’s generally not good for us to be alone too long. If we isolate ourselves too long it’s easy to fall into negative thinking. We need to stay positive. Get out of the house as often as we can. Take your laptop to a public place to do your computer work. Some other things we can do to get out of the house are things like going to Job Seeker meetings. We have a list of meetings local to the Raleigh/Durham area. There’s one every day of the week.We can also volunteer. Crossroads offers many opportunities to get involved. Click here to get in touch with the missions department. They can help direct you to an area where you can help others while staying positive. Just like with praying for others, helping others can really lift your spirits while keeping your mind off your own situation. Click here to learn more about volunteering in the Missions Thrift Store.

Another benefit of getting out and getting involved is that it opens doors to networking with others who might be able to help you along in your job search. At least 60% of all jobs are found by networking. By getting involved with other people, you stay motivated, meet new people and by working hard as you are volunteering someone might just take notice of your value as a potential employee.

  • Read and Watch Encouraging Content
While it’s great when we can keep ourselves busy or around other people, there will be times when we will find ourselves alone. Be careful about watching or reading the news too much. News is often quite negative and will not help you to stay encouraged or to find a job. It’s probably best to avoid the news during your unemployment. Any important stories that do come up will be shared with you by other people you come in contact with.Read positive books or other encouraging and motivational literature and websites. Share what you learn with others. This will encourage you more and might just help those you share with. Again be careful with how much time you spend reading. For some of us, if we’re not careful, we can spend a better part of the day reading instead of looking for our next job.Be careful about spending too much of your day getting caught up in social media like Facebook. While it’s okay to spend some time on these sites/apps, it can also be a big time suck. You need to keep at your job search.

Here are some good articles and other resources to find encouragement