The Career Exploration Process

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Identify Potential Careers

The job exploration process can be a lot of fun and in the end we should have at least a list of careers that we might want to pursue and maybe even a career that we’ve not really given enough thought to but is a great fit.

The first thing you will want to do is examine your personality, abilities, and interests. The Department of Labor has put together a great tool called O*NET OnLine.

Go to this site and take the short survey. At the end you will be presented with your personal profile and a list of potential careers that you can explore. Create a list of the careers that most interest you. Try to gather at least 10.

In a moment you’ll want to choose one of the three buttons. Whichever one you choose will open the O*NET site that fits you in a new window (this page will remain open). When you are done there come back here to continue.

Click on the button that best describes you:


Not Sure What Job You Want?
Career Direction Finder

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Career Exploration
And Job Analysis

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Are You A Veteran?
Discover:My Next Move

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If you’ve taken the time to fill out the survey and get a profile, you should now have some careers that look good to you.

Next, let’s take a look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website: Fastest Growing Occupations (opens in a new window)

That site is full of good information about jobs that look promising. You may find that some of the jobs on your list from O*NET are similar to those on the Fastest Growing list. Take special note of those that you find on both sites. You might also find some new careers that interest you. Add those to your list of careers to explore.

Know Yourself

You should now have at least a little better idea of what you would like to pursue. Of course you can always come back and look through your profile again or spend some more time examining the careers on each of these sites.

Now it’s time to begin the Job Search Process.

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